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Nov 14 2014

Episode 14 – Making Kefir & the Kefirko Kickstarter with Marko, Andrej, & Niko Play in new window | Download (Duration: 31:40 — 11.1MB) For today’s show, I have on the Kefirko team made up of Marko Borko, Andrej Glažar, and Niko Klanšek who created the Kefirko and currently has a Kickstarter running to get their product out into the market. The Kefirko helps making milk kefir and …

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Nov 07 2014

Episode 13 – Ladies Kelly Liston & Tamara Mannelly Play in new window | Download (Duration: 46:17 — 16.1MB) Today I have on the show the Oh Lardy ladies Kelly Liston & Tamara Mannelly from their blog We cover quite a few different areas in fermentation from fermenting mushrooms, holiday ferments like cranberries and apple butter, essential oils, and then go through their …

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Oct 31 2014

Episode 12 – How to Make Homemade Fermented Hot Sauce Play in new window | Download (Duration: 28:44 — 10.0MB) Imagine making your own homemade fermented hot sauce with an explosion of flavor. In this episode I take you through how to make homemade hot sauce the old fashioned way without cooking and vinegar but with a salt brine. I’ve been making this hot …

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Oct 24 2014

Episode 11 – Listener Feedback, Cashew Cheese, Mold, & Food Safety Play in new window | Download (Duration: 46:29 — 16.1MB) Today I have an interesting mix of a show with a first time of listener feedback where I go over emails that people have written me and questions relating to fermentation or the show. I also remind everyone that just listens to the podcast …

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Oct 16 2014

Episode 10 – Types of Salt, Brine Basics, and Weight Ratios in Fermentation

Types of Salt, Brine Basics, and Weight Ratios in Fermentation Play in new window | Download (Duration: 29:35 — 10.3MB) Today it’s all about salt. It’s just you and me and I talk about the many types of salt is available to you out there, some of the basics when it comes to making brines, and weight ratios you should know and keep in …

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Oct 13 2014

Interview on A Real Food Journey Podcast

Paul Bates Interview on A Real Food Journey Podcast - Episode 47

Hey guys, I just wanted to give you guys an update that recently I was interviewed by Heather Ingersoll of A Real Food Journey Podcast. We talked mostly on topics of fermentation and I give a couple recipes in the interview. It was my first time giving an interview so it’s a little shaky but …

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Oct 10 2014

Episode 9 – Mark Campbell Ceramics on Fermentation Crocks, Pots, and Vessels Play in new window | Download (Duration: 40:23 — 14.0MB) Mark Campbell who specializes in making artistic and unique ceramics joins us today to talk about his incredible fermentation crocks, fermentation pots, and vessels of all shapes and sizes and how he got involved in providing the fermentation community some of the most beautiful …

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Oct 01 2014

Episode 8 – Ariana Mullins on Fermented Foods, Drinks, and Living Abroad

Ariana Mullins of the blog Play in new window | Download (Duration: 49:14 — 17.1MB)Today I have with me special guest Ariana Mullins from the blog She’s an American writer, cook, explorer and photographer and shares her family’s stories of challenge and adventure as expats in Europe, as well as inspiration for living a simple and meaningful life. …

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Aug 12 2014

Episode 7 – Being Vegan and Fermentation Play in new window | Download (Duration: 41:12 — 14.3MB)Can you be vegan and also be involved in fermentation? I go into this and other topics on today’s show. After living a vegan lifestyle for about 10 years now, I think I can talk to a few of the issues that people bring up …

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Aug 06 2014

Episode 6 – Permaculture and Fermentation

Permaculture Designers Manual by Bill Mollison Play in new window | Download (Duration: 20:17 — 7.1MB) In today’s show, I go into the subject of permaculture and what permaculture has to do with fermentation. I’m very passionate about permaculture and I think it’s a system that should be included in every child’s education since it’s a system  that helps you solve …

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