Aug 05 2014

A Few Great Fermentation Videos

I wanted to give you guys some great videos to watch while I’m preparing my next podcast on Permaculture and what it has to do with Fermentation.

Fermentation is such a broad topic and just by visiting my Pinterest page you’ll notice the large umbrella that fermentation covers. From sauerkraut to pickles to homebrew beer to gardening and biogas, there’s so many areas.

The broad array of fermented foods and drinks you can make is amazing.  Alex Hozven of the Cultured Pickle Shop in Berkeley, California covers starting and running a fermentation business:


Another great one is Dr Robert Cassar explaining the benefits of kombucha and going through the process of making batches of it along with making kombucha vinegar:


The first time I ever made a lacto-fermented soda, I followed this classic recipe in this two part video series and was so excited when I got my first batch done:


There’s plenty of others that I’ll continue to share but this is just a few that you should definitely watch.

Happy fermenting!

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