Nov 24 2014

Thanksgiving Ferments in Progress

Thanksgiving Ferments

After putting together the Thanksgiving show last week, I figured I’d take a picture of a few of the things I have going that I’ll be serving up for Thanksgiving.

Of course I always have a to have some dill pickles on hand since they taste so good, but along with the normal pickles, I have a gallon of ginger ale brewing in two separate wine jugs, some fermented spicy carrot sticks, and some fermented green beans that I’ll be trying.

To go along with that, I’ll be starting a couple loaves of my no-knead bread tonight to bake tomorrow where I can then cube them up, toast them, and get those homemade bread crumbs turned into stuffing a little early!

I also plan on stopping by to pick up some artisan brined green and black olives to go along with the appetizers and no Thanksgiving is complete without my delicious mushroom gravy! I don’t think I’ll ferment the mushrooms just yet but I’ll be trying that after Thanksgiving to see what that tastes like.

It’s going to be a good meal! Hopefully you guys have some good stuff going too!

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